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11 Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are the Best

Did you realize that the United States has almost 90 million domestic dogs? Additionally, there is a multi-billion dollar pet sector. Every year, more than a quarter of the dogs in shelters are put to death. Where then is the disconnect?

Why are these incredible dogs left behind with all the resources at their disposal? I’m here to inform you that it’s just not true that dogs from shelters or puppy pounds are “inferior” or incapable of being loved and/or trained. In fact, adoption rates have increased dramatically as more pet owners become aware of the true benefits of adopting a pet.

The top 15 reasons why we believe rescue dogs are the BEST are listed below. You don’t know what you’re missing, so give them a chance!

1. Age

Although adorable, puppies require a lot of maintenance. Some families discover that getting an older dog allows them to breathe a sigh of relief. These canines are frequently given up owing to a lack of time, a change in employment, or even an allergy to other animals. Many of these dogs will have received some training, be familiar with simple instructions, and in some circumstances, be considerably more laid back.

2. Budget-Friendly

There are many dog breeders in the world. Purebred, high-end canines can be quite pricey. Some breeds can cost thousands of dollars. Due to the fact that many shelters have paid for vaccinations, microchipping, spaying, and neutering, adopting a dog is less expensive.

3. Combat Puppy Mills

There is a strong likelihood that your cherished pet was a victim of a puppy mill unless you are conducting research on purebred breeders. The welfare of the canines comes last at these facilities, which are organized like factories.

They don’t have good living conditions, and the mother dog is frequently bred while being kept in a small cage with no hope of leading a normal life. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of trustworthy breeders who do not fit into this category. Just be sure to do your homework before to purchasing from a breeder, a store, or an auction.

4. Move Along

Even though it’s impractical to adopt them all, you can save more than one dog’s life by adopting just one from the shelter. You’re allowing the shelter to take in additional stray canines. Additionally, your adoption money directly benefits the shelter, enabling them to aid additional animals. Everyone benefits!

5. If You’re Into Purebreds

It’s a frequent misperception that only mixed-breed mutts can be found in shelters for dogs. The percentage of purebred dogs in shelters is over 30%. In that case, keep looking because your perfect pet is out there!

6. A union made in heaven

Shelters go above and beyond to make sure your next pet is a perfect fit for your family. New puppies often come home with you and are yours forever. Dogs can be matched with sensible homes by shelters. Perhaps a certain dog does not get along well with kids, but an elderly retired couple would be the ideal family for him/her.

7. Post-Shelter Joy

Adopted dogs, believe it or not, consistently demonstrate their appreciation. Your dog will smile while they are playing in their new yard. Ever catch a dog in rescue grinning? I have, and it is wonderful.

8. Snap This

You’ll earn enough street cred as a dog rescue hero to last a lifetime. Post as many selfies as you can of you with your new pal! Raise awareness. Continue to do it. Ensure that social media channels are used for the proper purposes.

9. Obtain more health advantages

There are numerous health advantages to owning a pet, according to studies. Reduced levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides can be among them. A pet can also promote socialization, boost possibilities for exercise and outdoor time, and lessen feelings of loneliness. In addition to these benefits, adopting a rescue animal can also improve your psychological health because you will know that you contributed to the animal’s survival.

10. Pick from a wider selection.

Although some dog breeds are more prevalent in shelters than others, adopters will have a wider choice when choosing a dog than they would at a pet shop. They can pick from a variety of breeds and mixes, as well as varied ages, sexes, and personalities. The choice will enable better compatibility between the owner and the pet.

11. You receive spaying or neutering services

Although having your pet spayed or neutered is expensive, there are several benefits.

It will aid in the control of the pet population and can enhance the health and behavior of the animal. The majority of states demand that newly adopted pets be spayed or neutered, and the shelter frequently offers this treatment gratis.

Several Options

You can keep in mind what’s important to your family when you begin the process of adopting a pet. You can choose between dogs who are young, middle-aged, or even older.

What is the best fit for you and your family will depend on your lifestyle. Do your homework, examine the shelters in your region, but don’t be afraid to look farther than where you live.

Lessening of Genetic Health Issues

Mixed-breed dogs may be beneficial in particular circumstances, according to studies. Because of unethical breeding techniques or generations of selective breeding, some purebred dogs have health issues.

They’re undamaged.

Many dogs do not struggle in rescue care, while some do for a variety of reasons. They simply have terrible luck. Do not be deterred from adopting a shelter dog by Aunt Karen’s friend’s neighbor’s horror story about the animal.

It’s Not Your Dog on the Runway

There is no need to have a list of physical qualities that your dog “must-have” in order to be adored unless your pet is walking the Milan runways. The dog with one eye and a crooked lip can occasionally be the best friend ever. Believe us.

When selecting a pet, refrain from “swiping left or swiping right.” Find a person who is appreciative, lovable, and deserving of the best home you can offer!

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