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Best Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Home Pet Hair-Free.

In actuality, removing pet hair is advantageous for several factors other than aesthetics. When pet hair is removed, less of it crumbles and becomes dust. Additionally, you eliminate proteins and particles that cause allergies. Cleaning of pet hair gets rid of the mites and other pests that it can harbor.

If you own a pet, you are probably aware with the problem of removing pet hair that appears everywhere in your home. You might be wondering how to handle this issue after yet another never-ending struggle with pet fur on your furniture, upholstery, clothes, or bed.

Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as you would think to clean up after your pet. All it needs is the correct collection of cleaning equipment and the appropriate cleaning expertise. Continue reading to discover how to keep your home clean of pet hair!

Tip #1: Regularly groom your pet.

Services for cleaning sofas regular pet grooming

You will undoubtedly see clumps of fur lying around your home because every animal sheds its fur coat to some extent. Fortunately, excessive shedding can be reduced by giving your pet frequent brushing. By doing this, you can save time cleaning your upholstery and carpet.

To save you the trouble of hunting down one that suits your needs, we have put together a list of the top grooming services in Singapore. If you own a breed that sheds a lot, your groomer can also advise you on how to minimize it.

Tip #2: Choosing pet-friendly materials

Since the living room and bedroom are probably the areas where you and your pet spend the most time together, it is typical to see pet hair gathering on your sofa or bed. Nevertheless, if the idea of cleaning your upholstery makes you cringe after another session of cuddling with your furry friend, don’t worry!

We advise choosing pet-friendly furniture upholstery, such as microfiber and leather, as the latter can be cleaned with a lint roller to remove collected pet hair, while the former will simply wipe clean. As an alternative, you might think about using an upholstery cleaning service, which will save you time and bother and help you with the cleaning process.

Tip #3: Use the appropriate vacuum cleaner

washing a sofa, utilize the appropriate vacuum

Even when you handle the task yourself, professional couch cleaning services usually advise using the proper vacuum cleaning equipment to prevent hurting your lovely furniture. If your pet has a favorite armchair, make sure to routinely vacuum the furniture with the upholstery attachment included in your vacuum cleaner to prevent fabric damage.

The vacuum cleaner you choose is also important because different vacuum cleaners work better than others. The obvious element to take into account is suction power, but you need also pay attention to other important features, including how user-friendly the vacuum cleaner is. To help you groom your pet, some manufacturers even offer grooming products that are specifically made for pets.

Tip #4: Use a pet blanket to cover surfaces.

Couch cleaning cover furniture with a blanket for pets.

Your pet may have additional favorite areas in your house outside your bed and sofa, such as your carpet. The most pet hair will be dispersed over these places. When your pet wants to unwind at its preferred location, it is best to cover these surfaces with a blanket. By doing this, you avoid having to continuously clean your mattress, upholstery, or carpet.

Tip #5: To get rid of pet hair, use a lint roller.

Washing a sofa, Pet hair can be removed with a lint roller.

Some breeds of dogs have exceptionally fine fur, making it difficult to detect or get rid of them from your clothing and furniture. Thankfully, if you have a lint roller, this won’t be a problem since using it to remove pet hair from your clothes and upholstery is a straightforward operation.

As an alternative, you can think about wrapping a piece of tape around your hand with the adhesive side facing up and pressing it firmly against the fabric of your clothing. Even the tiniest pet hair is certain to become trapped in the tape by the glue. A good suggestion is to sprinkle anti-static spray on your clothing prior, to make it simpler to remove pet hair using a lint roller or a roll of tape.

It need not be difficult to remove pet hair from your clothing, bedding accessories, and furniture upholstery. You can ensure you complete the task successfully and create a better hygienic environment in your home for you and your pet by following these five straightforward and useful guidelines.

In addition to cleaning sofas, we also offer a wide range of upholstery and carpet cleaning services customized to meet your specific needs. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away if you’re interested in learning more about our prices and services.

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