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How to Find a Pet Sitter for the Holidays

Where to Look for Local Pet Sitters

Asking trusted friends, relatives, neighbors, your pet’s groomer or veterinarian for referrals is the best method to find a great pet sitter for your dog or cat.

Visit pet-sitter websites for an easier, quicker way to find qualified pet sitters in your area.

People will be looking for pet boarding facilities as the holidays approach. Pet sitters will be in high demand for animals who prefer to be looked after at home. We thought we’d create a resource for locating a pet sitter for the holidays because finding an appropriate boarding facility may be simpler than finding a pet sitter. When selecting a pet sitter, there are a few important factors to take into account. You should conduct research to discover the best pet sitter to take care of your pet. It’s crucial to make sure your pet is content and safe during the holidays, and that they have a kind and knowledgeable pet care professional at their side.

Start looking right away

Keep in mind that the holidays are a busy time, and people schedule dates for babysitters far in advance. Of course, cancellations could happen, but it’s preferable to avoid taking a chance. If you already know you’ll be gone during the holidays, start looking and researching for the best pet sitter right now. It’s never too early to get started, and doing so enables you to make an informed choice without being pressured by last-minute searches. Make sure you have other pet sitters to contact as a backup plan because you should expect some sitters to be booked up. Be mindful of competitive pricing in addition to competitive scheduling. Pet sitters must add extra fees for the holidays. Since these are busy times, be mindful of their pricing, but make sure to find something in your price range.

Both place and proximity

The location of your pet sitter is crucial when choosing who to hire, especially if you only need them for periodic visits and not overnight stays. A sitter who lives close by may be more trustworthy and available to visit your pet when they need on the most. Being nearby allows your pet sitter to remain longer and be more effective because less time is spent traveling. Being so near to home can also enhance the frequency of their visits. Your pets will have to wait longer for their sitter to arrive if they are located farther from your home.

Leave Exact Directions

Consider what your pet will want of a professional pet sitter and the questions you’ll want to ask them as you look for the best pet sitter. Don’t be hesitant to mention any information you believe to be crucial. It will be best for the pet sitter and your pet if the directions are as specific as possible. Pet sitters must create the same atmosphere at your house as though you were present. Make sure you provide them the information they need to guarantee your pet sitter can provide the services your pet need, such as administering specific prescriptions. In the long run, it will be preferable if you are honest with your potential pet sitter.

Plans for Emergencies and Insurance

Emergency preparedness is always essential. Your pet sitter will be more prepared for any emergency if you have a well-thought-out strategy in writing. Ensure that any emergency plans, contacts, and veterinarian information are included. Giving your pet sitters the contacts and resources they need can save your pet’s life, even though they are qualified professionals who can handle any scenario that may arise. Find out if your pet sitter is insured in addition to their level of safety. Insurance can aid in defending your house and your pet against potential unintentional losses.

Regular Interaction

Make sure the potential pet sitter is accessible before hiring them. Pet sitters do prefer to keep you informed about your pet, even though they try not to call you while you are away. You may feel like your pet is close by if you get updates with images or videos. Additionally, keeping in touch with the pet sitter will allow you to prepare for any changes in your plans and make the necessary accommodations.

If you hold off, it may be difficult to locate a pet sitter for the holidays. Start looking for a professional sitter for the holidays as soon as possible for the highest chance of success. Once you’ve secured a sitter, you can concentrate on getting ready for your holiday getaway with one less thing to worry about!

Watch out for these holiday dangers.

There are also certain particular risks for pets and pet caregivers during the hectic holiday season.

Pet sitters who participated in PSI’s Christmas poll provided the following advice.

Watch out for regional holiday parades. I had trouble getting to certain homes when I initially started pet sitting because of road closures for neighborhood parades. I now check the parade schedule for each municipality.

Remind clients that, especially in families with a new puppy or kitten, holiday decorations may not be safe around their pets.

Holiday weather might be problematic depending on where you live, especially if there is snow or ice. Exercise caution when driving and walking, and be sure to inspect homes for frozen pipes or failing furnaces. Avoid any outside situations that can cause dogs’ paws to become frostbitten.

Make plans so that you can still share a holiday meal with family or friends, or try to fit in a short run to a restaurant providing a holiday meal. So that you don’t completely lose out on this special time of year, take some time to enjoy the holidays.

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