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Why Cats Make Amazing Companions

By the end of the 19th century, domestic cats were becoming more and more widespread in the United States, and their main functions were to assist with pest management and hunt for mice (which they can and still do). By the end of World War I, cats assumed their place as popular American family pets. Since then, adopting a cat has brought happiness and fun into countless families across the nation. There is scientific evidence that shows how having a cuddly friend can benefit your health. Furry felines have a terrible reputation for being independent, carefree, and standoffish house pets.

The Science of Owning a Cat

Since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, cats have represented good fortune all over the world. A study that was recently published in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology found a connection between pet ownership and reduced stress and blood pressure, which may lower the risk of heart disease. Adopting a cat creates a joyful atmosphere, and living life to the fullest can get rid of loneliness, reduce anxiety, and boost activity levels. Additionally, a cat’s purr can offer pet owners tranquil sound therapy that has a positive effect on their mental health. Giving care to another living being provides us humans a purpose and a sense of validation that can improve brain physiology.

Cats require little upkeep

One of the best things about having a cat as a pet is how low-maintenance and simple to look after they are. There is no need to take your feline companions on walks or to the bathroom. They can also be left unattended for a long time and are much more autonomous (as long as you leave them with enough food and water). Additionally, cats are great for apartment living because they only need a litter box and don’t need much space. Due to less expensive vet bills, homemade toys, and less expensive food, caring for cats often costs far less than caring for dogs.

Adult cats are wonderful company

An adult cat will be the ideal pet if you’re seeking for a cat to hang out with who is really laid back. Although mature cats are far more independent, they can still form bonds with new caregivers. Because adult cats are less inclined to play, they will probably be ready to unwind with you when the time comes. Smaller children get along better with older cats, and they are much less inclined to scratch. They are more observant of their owners and know how to keep their claws retracted.

Why are cats such good friends?

Although they may have a reputation for being distant and alone, cats can make excellent companions for people for a variety of reasons.

They require little maintenance.

You might be surprised to learn that cats require significantly less maintenance than their canine relatives, making them the ideal pet for people with busy schedules. Cats don’t need to be walked every day, and short-haired breeds require little maintenance (although some owners do enjoy putting their cat outside on a leash). If you work long hours, your cat will probably get by just well with her own company, even if she may occasionally be delighted to see you since she will also be little less picky about your company.

Cat petting and strokes are soothing.

Cats are no different from other pets in that spending time petting them can lower anxiety and stress levels and strengthen your relationship. Additionally, many pet owners find that having a fluffy feline on their lap and petting them in their fur is incredibly comforting and soothing.

Cats are odorless.

Cats are known for their meticulous grooming habits, which keep them fresh and odor-free. As a result, you may cuddle up to your furry friend without being concerned about being overpowered by an animal odor.

You won’t feel guilty because of your cat.

Unlike dogs, who are quite adept at appearing despondent if you are unable to give them the attention they so desperately need for, your cat won’t care if you need a brief break from their companionship. She won’t be carrying any grudges as she trots off for a sleep!

Cats don’t talk.

If you work in a busy atmosphere, there are moments when nothing is better than a little peace, quiet, and tranquility. Since cats are typically much less loud than dogs are, you can spend peaceful downtime with your preferred furry pet.

What then does my cat require to continue to be a contented, healthy companion?

Actually, taking care of a cat is extremely easy and basic. Their main requirements are:

  • Two times daily servings of high-quality, calorie-restricted food (free-feeding can cause your cat to put on weight, and therefore have an increased risk of developing a range of health problems).
  • Each day, fresh water.
  • Stimulation of the mind and body, which you can offer through games.
  • Medical attention, like as spaying and neutering, required shots, preventative care, and dental attention.
  • Tools and toys, such as beds, cat trees, and litter trays.
  • Meeting her emotional needs by making sure you show her affection and attention on a daily basis, despite the fact that she may look a little confused by it.

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